Good Benefits Of Basil

Basil is a home vegetable that we see a crib It often comes in a vegetable dish that can be eaten with popular Northeastern food such as Laab Namtok, or put it in a spicy soup. But not least, the basil leaves lonely on the plate, not interested in picking up a single piece! I told you that I missed it.

Because basil is a herb that has excellent properties, good for the body, good for the heart, it is used to add flavor and aroma to both Thai and international food to be even more delicious. Importantly, the price is cheap. It is easy to grow and can be eaten throughout all seasons. Move in, we have the great benefits of basil that I know I have to scream loudly until I want to rush out to find and eat. Let’s grow it in the house ever. What is there? Let’s see.

14 properties of basil Useful in the treatment of disease

1. Solve toothache

Basil essential oil helps reduce pain and cure inflammation. By juicing the juice from the leaves, then using a small cotton ball moistened with juice from the leaves and filling the painful tooth cavity to relieve toothache.

2. Helps to appetite

The scent of essential oils contained in basil has properties to help expel the wind. Appetite

3. Solve headaches, cure colds

Basil essential oil also relieves headaches. And can also cure colds By using the young shoots boiled with water to drink as tea Or eat fresh vegetables

4. Coughing

Squeeze the juice from the basil leaves about 2-4 grams and then mix the honey with a little basil juice. Sips to relieve cough and bronchitis. Or you can use basil in combination with ginger as well.

5. Help digestion Solve flatulence – indigestion

Basil leaves help to expel air in the intestines, relieve indigestion, cure nausea and vomiting by washing 20 basil leaves, brewing hot water and sipping it as tea.

6. Cure colds, fever, dizziness, sweating and phlegm.

Use fresh leaves or basil to boil water and drink it as tea. Or eating fresh vegetables will help alleviate symptoms as well.

7. Contains antioxidants

Which helps slow down the deterioration of the body Also helps prevent the occurrence of cancer Ischemic heart disease And reduce the level of cholesterol in the bloodstream

8. Improves the immune system in the body.

Strengthen the operation of various systems To work normally It is also believed to have a positive effect on sexual performance.

9. Treats ringworm as well.

Prepare about 15-20 fresh leaves to lower enough water comes out. Apply to the skin that is 2-3 times a day and keep doing it until it disappears.

10. Lower cholesterol

Basil has the effect of reducing cholesterol and plaque in the blood stream, reducing the risk of arteriosclerosis.

11.Good for women

Because it helps relieve menstrual pain Irregular menstruation And helps to expel milk for mothers who breastfeed their babies when the fresh leaves are boiled with royal milk leaves to eat

12.Essential oils help in relaxation

The scent of the essential oils in basil helps relieve stress. Calm mind, concentrate And can help reduce depression symptoms And help relieve muscle contractions as well

** But basil oil may cause allergies in pregnant mothers. Therefore, should avoid using basil essential oil while pregnant.

13. Repel mosquitoes in control.

Mosquitoes are classified as carriers of dangerous infectious diseases such as dengue fever and elephantiasis and also cause itching when bitten by mosquitoes. But if anyone wants to repel mosquitoes The smell and oil contained in the basil will help repel mosquitoes. Also, if the basil leaves are boiled in 110 ml of water for 2-3 hours, add 110 ml of vodka and mix into a spray bottle. It will have mosquito repellent spray from basil that can be used to spray on the body. (Except for the face, eyes, nose and mouth) to prevent mosquitoes when going out as well.

14. Has the effect of anti-inflammatory, pain relief, reducing swelling.

Basil can be used to relieve pain. Swelling caused by bee sting or an itchy rash can be caused by fresh basil juice to pound and mask and leave it for a while. And also helps drive acne Reduce inflammation of acne. Reduce the symptoms of gingivitis by grinding dried basil leaves into a powder. Apply on the affected area because it contains essential oils that help kill bacteria. Fungi and viruses

I know this and I would definitely want to eat more basil, right? But whether you eat fresh basil as a side dish or add basil to your food. Do not forget to wash the basil thoroughly before eating as well.

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