Fingerroot The Elixir To Nourish And Slow Down Aging

Fingerroot or Chinese’s Ginger a herb that has been with the Thai kitchen for a long time. In addition to enhancing the taste of food to be delicious and mellow There are still countless health benefits. It can also be used to relieve symptoms of various diseases as well. If you want to know what good Fingerroot is. This article has answers.

Fingerroot is a plant family of ginseng. Therefore has medicinal properties like ginseng Circulate throughout the body But Fingerroot will drain naturally. “The ginseng, if you drink it regularly Ginseng will remain stuck circulating in the blood stream. No excretion Therefore the punishment occurred later Is that the blood will be thick and thick The circulatory system is stuck. Chinese people turn to eat Fingerroot. Which is cheap, safe and easy to buy Can grow edible But Thai people go back to buy ginseng and eat When we found out that Fingerroot is ginseng in Thailand. In Thai soil near us Do not ignore, do not overlook Fingerroot again.

There are 3 types of Fingerroot: Black Fingerroot Red and Yellow Fingerroot. (But in this article we will talk about Yellow Fingerroot) by Fingerroot is a medicinal plant that Thai people are well known. Can be used to cook a variety of dishes. Especially in use as an important ingredient in curry or stir fries, the most popular part of cooking is the root of the food collector, known as “milk Kaempferia”, which has a unique aroma. Can be used directly as a dipping vegetable. But most people tend to use it as a curry paste. Because it has the ability to help deodorize the fishy smell of meat, fish as well

11 Benefits of Fingerroot

1. It is a drink to nourish the body.

It can be made into a nourishing drink as well. Just bring Fingerroot to blended with water and drink. This method, in addition to helping to nourish the body Also helps to refresh the body Can make you feel rejuvenated too

2. Maintain hair strength.

For anyone who has problems with damaged or thinning hair Say that Fingerroot has properties that help to make the hair back to be healthy as before. It can also change white hair to come back to black and shiny as well. It also helps solve the problem of thin hair to come back thicker. And more importantly, it can also help solve the problem of gray hair and hair loss.

3. Helps eliminate fishy smell of food.

If there is a problem during cooking, such as the food smells too fishy Recommend to remove the smell of the root of Fingerroot. Guaranteed results for sure. Because it will help stop the fishy smell of meat and fish It also gives the food a nice aroma and gives it a unique flavor.

4. Helps get rid of insects

Put the ginger root and pound it with lemongrass, galangal, shallot and old neem leaves. Then mixed with water Spray along the area that is infested with insects. It will help prevent insects.

5. Helps resist inflammation

Fingerroot has an anti-inflammatory effect. Which, if eaten regularly Will have an effect similar to that of taking aspirin It also helps to prevent disease caused by chronic inflammation within the body as well.

6. Help cure many diseases.

Whether it is to cure dizziness, angina, maintain bones, prevent fragile bones, nourish the brain, balance blood pressure. Helps cure diseases in the mouth such as stomatitis, dry mouth, sore mouth, cure dysentery, treat diarrhea in children. Treat gastritis, nourish the liver, maintain healthy kidneys and can work better. More importantly, it can also help prevent thyroid poisoning as well.

7. Solve white blemishes in the oral cavity.

Anyone who has a problem with white blemishes in the oral cavity Can be cured with Fingerroot root By taking root Fingerroot to wash thoroughly It is then ground thoroughly without peeling. Put it in a jar, close the lid and put it in the refrigerator. Taken before meals, 1 teaspoon each time, 3 meals a day, about 15 minutes before meals for a week. White blemishes that occur in the oral cavity will disappear.

8. Cure diarrhea and diarrhea

If there is diarrhea and diarrhea Recommended to use about 1-2 rhizomes fresh Fingerroot rhizomes by roasting the rhizomes and then bring rain or low thoroughly. Mixed with lime water Eating 1-2 teaspoons per day will help improve symptoms.

Fingerroot rhizomes have a spicy and bitter taste. It can be used to relieve stomach pain. Flatulence and indigestion also contain Sineole. That has the effect of reducing the peristalsis of the intestines It causes pain in the lower abdomen With about half a handful of rhizomes and roots. If fresh, use about 5 – 10 grams, but if it is dry, use about 3 – 5 grams and bring to a boil and drink water to relieve symptoms. Or can be used to cook as a food to eat as well (Underground rhizome)

Data from Mahidol University indicates that the rhizomes of Fingerroot treat tightness, colic, by essential oils having a carminative effect. And flavonoids have anti-inflammatory effects

Research from Prince of Songkla University found that extracts of chloroform and methanol from Fingerroot root had anti-growth effects of Giardia intestinalis, a single-celled parasite in the intestine causing diarrhea. This is an extremely important problem for immunocompromised patients.

9.Treatment of athlete’s foot

Start from washing the whole root Fingerroot root and wash thoroughly. And then dried in the sun Slice the roots into glasses. And ground them into a rough powder Then heat the coconut oil or olive oil in a saucepan. Add Fingerroot root powder that has been The ratio of oil should be approximately 3 times greater than Fingerroot root powder, cooked on low heat for 15 – 20 minutes and then taken to the root of Fingerroot root Keep the oily part to use to apply it to the foot wound area. Will help heal such wounds

10.Use to lose weight

There is a research study on weight loss at the Clinical Research Information Service in Korea. It was found that the subjects who ate Kaempferia had lower waist circumference and fat content. But there is no research on how much to eat to be appropriate, so people who are losing weight with Fingerroot should not eat too much. If you are going to eat Fingerroot to lose weight This should be done along with exercise and diet, which will have more lasting results.

11. Antimicrobial activity

Research by Chulalongkorn University found that Pinostrobin, Pinocembrin, Panduratin A and Alpinetin of Fingerroot have antibacterial activity in many kinds. And research in Ghana found that Pinostrobin from roots and leaves has activity against Plasmodium falciparum, which causes malaria.

However, in the consumption of Fingerroot. Has the same precautions Which if you eat too much There may be problems with receding gums, palpitations as well as affecting liver function. In which people with this disease There has to be a lot of caution. In addition, it should not be eaten continuously. Because Fingerroot has a hot effect May cause heat disease or ulcers in the mouth to follow.

How to make herbal juice

1. To make Fingerroot juice, prepare the following raw materials. Half a kilo of fresh yellow krachai (Or use a mix formula Using 5 parts of Yellow Fingerroot, 1 part Black Ginger and 1 part Fingerroot Dang) / Honey / Lemon juice / Boiled water that is left to cool.
2. The first step is to wash Fingerroot thoroughly. Cut off the messy roots Cut off the head and the tail If you scrape off some, it will be very good.
3. When finished, cut into pieces to make it easier to spin.
4. To prepare a thin white cloth with a sieve ready.
5. Put the prepared Fingerroot into a blender bowl and mix with boiled water moderately. And spin until fine
6. After completion, pour into the prepared colander. If the water is low, mix the water into more water. And only squeezed the water
7. Here we will get fresh yellow krachai juice, which can be kept in the refrigerator for a month.
8. When you drink it, just mix it with lemon juice. The honey in the cup and stir well. And then add Fingerroot juice as it goes down
9. After mixing until the desired mellow taste, it is done
10. But if you are afraid that the smell of Fingerroot will be too strong Can use asiatic or basil leaves to blend together as you like Because there are no ingredients that are fixed in the formula

Add: Fingerroot juice should not be kept very long. Because it will make the tingle and the aroma of Fingerroot less Causing sediment to the bottom If it is the best, it should be drunk within 1 week to get both the tingling flavor. Drink and enjoy With all the additional properties, but for those who drink Kaempferia juice and have strange symptoms, hot flashes or sweating or burping, do not panic. Because this is a normal symptom that can occur If you drink for a while, you will get used to it.

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