Aloe Vera Good For Both Beauty And Health

Many people may not yet know that aloe vera properties are wonderfully abundant. Both help to enhance beauty, cure fresh wounds, scald Aloe vera is a plant that is easy to grow. Suitable for the weather of Thailand very much. And in aloe vera is rich in vitamins and minerals. It helps fight free radicals as well. Some people may not like the smell of aloe vera. But do you know that the benefits of Aloe Vera are plentiful Tell me that the properties of aloe vera are much more than you expected.

11 Benefits Of Aloe Vera gel

1.Used to treat burns, scalds

When the orphaned skin is destroyed by Flames or scalds Reddening of the skin at that area And felt a burning pain In which the application of aloe vera gel Down to that area will help relieve the burning pain Just apply the area with the wound. The hydration of aloe vera gel will help to gradually improve the stinging symptoms of inflammation, and it can be a great substitute for a skin care cream.

2.Treat sunburn caused by sun

The sunlight in our country is as strong as anyone invites the sun to come next to us. Which, when the skin has been exposed to direct sunlight for a long time, it becomes inflamed, turning red Which causes it to turn into a darker skin color The consequences of skin inflammation are often accompanied by itchy skin. In some cases, the skin may peel off and become flaky. The application of aloe vera gel that has been kept at low temperature and applied to the sunburned area will help alleviate the burning sensation of the skin.

3.Nourishes hands and nails

Apply aloe vera gel on your palms and nails. On a daily basis, many people tend to pay more attention to facial skin. Until neglect of hand and nail care Causing his hands to wither, yellow nails, to lose his personality again Hand and nail care is very important. And easy maintenance By applying a nourishing cream Or anyone who doesn’t like the gooey can use aloe vera. It is another strength nourishment as well.

4.Treat wounds caused by sharp objects, skin abrasions.

Scars arise as a result of the body’s own healing process where the skin in which there is a tear of the tissue. Therefore, the body produces collagen tissue to replace the damaged old tissue. When the wound has healed, it will leave a scar to be seen outside. Which applied crocodile gel to the wound On a regular basis Will help heal the scars that fade

5.Reduce oiliness on the face.

Facial sebum is a national issue, whether female or male, try to find a skincare or any product that can reduce the oiliness of your face. The crocodile gel is another incredible option to reduce the oiliness of the face. Just bring the aloe vera gel onto the face (about 1-2 hours), the gel texture will be absorbed into the skin. In addition to helping reduce oiliness on the face, it can also help keep the skin smooth and soft.

6.Treat dark spots on the face

Many young men and women are concerned with the dark spots on their faces that are caused by acne. Some people even have to pay expensive racer. To make marks or dark spots disappear But did you know that aloe vera gel It can restore the skin that has dark spots to look significantly reduced. Just apply to the area that has dark blemishes on a regular basis. Just like this, it will return to have a smooth and clear skin, as if not acne before. Without having to go to the razor for some skin

7.Moisturize the skin Add water to the skin

Dry skin is another common cause of wrinkles. And problems with girls who do not wear makeup It also makes makeup fade away during the day. Which these problems will go away just add moisture to the skin. By using aloe vera gel Leave a thick mask on your face before bedtime. You will wake up with a smooth and soft face, far away from premature aging.

8.Keep your hair shiny.

Dry and damaged hair From exposure to chemicals or pollution from the outside is something that is inevitable, right? Try using aloe vera gel on the ends of your hair or on dry and damaged areas. Because in that crocodile tail gel It has properties similar to keratin. That will help make hair soft, sleek, beautiful, chic Just as it will have shiny hair. Oh, I forgot to mention that .. Some formulas of aloe vera gel can be used instead of conditioner.

9.Helps treat acne scars, acne vulgaris and comedones.

Points aloe vera gel The area is scaly and inflamed acne, strong sun, causing the skin to be inflamed and irritated. Cause acne vulgaris, clogged pimples and troubling subsequent acne marks, which many people turn to for lasers. Makes the face more delicate But did you know that Aloe vera It can help treat acne, acne vulgaris and acne marks as well. Plus does not make our face fragile

10.Rich in nutrients for good health

Aloe vera contains more than 75 nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, enzymes, sugars, anthracies or phenolic compounds.

11.Relieve toothache

Cut the aloe vera pulp into small sticks, about 2-3 centimeters, and place them in between the affected teeth. Or put a compress on it

Can Aloe Vera Eat?

Aloe vera is edible, but the mucus must be completely washed off. But the smell might be a bit green The agar can be used for many purposes. The texture is similar to coconut jelly. Most of them will be made into desserts. Because the properties of aloe vera will have a cooling effect. Thus making you feel refreshed It is not recommended to eat fresh from the plant, it should be thoroughly washed and cut into small pieces and then eaten.

How To Use Aloe Vera

Should choose an aloe vera that is more than 1 year old, choose the bottom part because it has more agar than the others.

Refrigerate the aloe vera before use to make it more refreshing.
The aloe vera gel should be washed thoroughly before every use. Because the mucus from the leaves contain substances Anthraquinone That may cause allergic reactions

Should not be used as a laxative or transfusion in pregnant women. Menstrual women And those with hemorrhoids

Aloe vera gel, if peeled, can only be stored for 6 hours, so use immediately for best results
In addition to the properties of aloe vera are plentiful. The benefits of aloe vera are also used as a decorative plant. It is therefore popular to see many households grow it at home.

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