Bergamot, Thai Magpracho Herbs

Bergamot is a citrus plant. And lemon is a native plant in the tropics of Southeast Asian countries such as Thailand, Burma, Laos, Cambodia, etc., which are classified as fruit trees. For bergamot in Thailand Thai people must be familiar with each other as well. Because it has been a long-lasting companion herb to the Thai kitchen Because it is popularly used as an essential ingredient in curry paste (Usually we tend to use kaffir lime leaves and kaffir lime skin as a mixture of curry paste) In addition, bergamot has many other benefits, whether it is in the beauty and in the field of herbal medicine. It is also considered to be an auspicious tree that is commonly planted around the house as well. Because it is believed that it will make the residents happy It is often planted in the northwest of the house.

Herbs that can be used both

  • The roots and stems are boiled and prepared with other herbal medicines. Or use as a single herb to boil Drink for fever, sore throat
  • The flowers are dried and used to brew and drink to help relieve sore throat. Dizziness, heart nourishment
  • The leaves contain essential oils. Used to make food. Or dried for drinking Cure indigestion
  • The skin of the bergamot has a harsh, hot and cool taste with essential oils. The effect of expelling wind in the intestines. Relieve cold symptoms, stuffy nose. And more importantly, has fungicidal properties And bacteria as well It became the source of its use in the maintenance of the health of the scalp itself.
  • Kaffir lime fruit pickled with honey. Relieve cough and sore throat Or burned and cut in half and then washed the hair to help disinfect the scalp. Which is the cause of scalp itchiness, dandruff, and waning as well as helping to cleanse the hair Gives me soft and shiny hair as well
  • Sour lime juice is acidic. Helps to relieve cough, phlegm and is a mild laxative. Helps to wash away dirt, mucus, oily, especially the scalp and hair.
    Kaffir lime seeds, slightly bitter taste, help appetite and expectorate.

Benefits And Properties Of Bergamot

1. Relieve stress

Bergamot has a pleasant scent that will help create relaxation. Especially essential oil from bergamot But should choose a concentration of less than 1% because it can cause irritation. Or inhalation from the kaffir lime skin at all as well

For anyone who often has anxious or stressful matters Inhale the scent of bergamot and you’ll find it really helpful.

2. Repel mosquitoes and insect repellents.

Smell of bergamot It’s a smell that most mosquitoes and insects don’t like. Therefore can be used to repel mosquitoes and insects From research, it was found that essential oils from the leaves There are 3 types of mosquitoes that are effective against mosquitoes, home mosquito, anopheles and nuisance mosquitoes, which have the effect of preventing mosquito bites for 3 hours, with the following examples

To repel mosquitoes, take the bark of the kaffir lime and dry it. Then put it to the fire The smell of bergamot will make the mosquitoes escape and can get rid of the larvae well.
Chasing moths and ants in Khao San Tear fresh kaffir lime leaves into 2-3 parts to bring out the smell. Then put it in a bucket of rice.

When a leech bites, take the lime to rub the area around it. Where leeches perched The smell of bergamot will cause the leech to fall out in the end.

3. Relieve symptoms of bruising in

Not only has Centella asiatica can cure the symptoms of bruising. Bergamot is also able to treat bruising and improve physical health as well. Especially those who have vomiting blood. Bergamot can relieve symptoms in a short time.

4. Eliminate foot odor

When working with sneakers or leather shoes that are stinky all day. It often makes the feet smell so bad that it is a pain in the head. But it is not difficult to solve this problem.

Just use the lime to slice into halves. Then rubbed over the feet and niches. Emphasize areas that smell very strong. Noticed that the stench will gradually Faded and eventually disappeared It also makes the feet more whiter as well.

5.Hair care

Bergamot can be used to make hair softer and more shiny. Including solving various hair problems As well Which uses bergamot to nourish me, there are many recipes as well We would like to introduce 3 formulas as follows
Cure stomach pain in children

6.Solve abdominal pain in children.

In which the kaffir lime was cut out in the middle of the gut Then put Mahahing into it. Turn off the spot and bring it to a scorch The burnt bergamot is ground into a powder, melted with honey, and then swept over the neck of a child. Will make the stomach pain subside and eventually disappear

This should be under the supervision of a doctor. Or Thai traditional medicine And should be careful about cleanliness as it can cause infection

7. Relieve aches and pains Hemorrhoids treatment Heal wounds and relieve itching from insect bites.

In the book of Phra Vishnu, Phra Narai mentioned the use of bergamot as an ingredient in medicine. “Mahachak Oil” that helps cure hemorrhoids. Can cure the itchy skin Apply to relieve aches and pains by “Mahachak Oil”. There are easy methods that can be used by yourself as follows.


  1. Beware of sunburn Bergamot, although it has properties that nourish the body and have health benefits. But because bergamot contains oxypedamin If the skin is directly exposed to bergamot oil Then exposed to sunlight May cause irritation Until resulting in sunburned skin
  2. Diabetes patients Should be careful using excessive amounts of bergamot. Because substances in bergamot will cause blood sugar levels to drop more than normal levels.
  3. Potassium problem The bergamot contains substances bergapten, a substance that will affect the level of potassium in the blood. And it is the cause of muscle pain and muscle spasms, so it should not be consumed in excess.

Bergamot is an herb that has been used as a medicine since ancient times, has a pleasant aroma, helps reduce stress and nourishes many aspects of health. It is also popular to be used for hair care. Makes my hair thick and strong Solve scalp and hair problems. In addition to the results, the kaffir lime leaves are also fragrant. Suitable for many things. Will help make the food taste even more delicious It is also good for health in the field of medicinal herbs as well.

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