Women “oocyte degeneration” since birth causes “infertility”

“Child” is something that will fill in the family more. But in an age when stability is a matter Modern couples therefore need to be prepared in many ways before they can seriously begin having children. There is a tendency to have children in the growing age range. But did you know that “oocyte” is an important female gamete. Deteriorate every day

Why “women” can deteriorate eggs from birth?

Dr. Setheerapong Jarusinthanakorn, MD. Specialist in Obstetrics and Gynecology Reproductive Medicine and Gynecological Laparoscopic Surgery World Medical Hospital stated that female oocyte. There will be production since we are in the womb only 5 months. And a volume of up to 5-7 million leaves, then the number of eggs will decline. Until when we are born, only 1-2 million egg cells are left. In the daily life, the oocyte will naturally deteriorate. Until entering the puberty period with menstruation and ovulation There are only 400,000 usable eggs left, and that 400,000, not all of them are of good quality to conceive.

Which with increasing age has a direct effect on infertility. Especially those over the age of 35 years, although the number of eggs is left enough to be used for fertilization. But fertility will decrease So is the integrity of the chromosomes in egg cells. It is also at risk of ectopic pregnancy. And miscarriages more than usual As we get older, the egg’s chromosomes are abnormal.

How to maintain the quality of egg cells When I get older

In couples who have a serious need to conceive even after they are old. Should behave as follows

– exercise regularly So that the body is healthy and ready

– Eat foods that are beneficial to the body.

– Control the weight not to exceed the standard

– Refrain from consuming caffeinated beverages or alcohol. And don’t smoke

– The most important thing is to see a medical professional to check the readiness of the body. And discussing guidelines that will lead to pregnancy

Of course, as I get older Successful natural fertilization is difficult as well. Therefore, “IVF and ICSI” technology is one of the most important and popular technologies in solving the problem of infertility. From the problem of the readiness of the person IVF and ICSI are the processes of exogenous fertilization of selected eggs and sperm before being returned to the uterus. It increases the chances of a successful pregnancy rather than natural fertilization.

Academically, the early 20s are the most suitable age for pregnancy. But of course, in addition to physical stability Surrounding factors are equally important, so women can choose to keep their eggs at their most appropriate age. When ready, you can have a baby immediately by “depositing an egg”.

What is egg depositing?

Egg Freezing is the use of the female’s egg cells to be kept frozen by medical technology. When are you ready to be a mother? Then the cells can be dissolved and fertilized further The benefits of depositing eggs are as follows.

– Reduces the risk that the baby will have abnormalities Because of age, the egg cells themselves will deteriorate over time, so if you choose to fertilize at an older age In addition to being difficult to stomach It also creates a risk to the child being born.

– More than 80% safe and effective. Egg collection is a very safe method because it does not encroach on other parts of the body. Just take the eggs that have to be lost in every menstrual cycle to keep. It is also not as complicated as you think. Because doctors will stimulate the production of eggs for only 10-12 days only, then the eggs will be collected through the vagina. And culled to find the perfect egg Keep frozen in the temperature of -196 degrees Celsius.

Although today, most single women still do not think about having children. But in the future, who knows what will happen to our body? It can be tragic to find the right person but the body is not ready, so if you have any questions or need additional information, you should consult a medical professional immediately. Because depositing eggs is like buying insurance Where the response can be in the future is the little one that is an important gift to you and your loved ones.

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