Does “walking exercise” really help reduce the risk of “cancer”?

Although cancer is caused by abnormalities of the cells and organs in the body. But don’t worry If you are taking good care of your health by eating a healthy diet. And keep exercising regularly It may be able to help reduce the risk of cancer today. Hello, the doctor would like to bring you a little knowledge about exercise walking. Which is a basic physical exercise without having to use a lot of effort Let’s leave everyone.

Why does walking exercise Can you prevent cancer?

Walking exercise Considered to be a light exercise Suitable for all ages And whether it is the moment Or any place You can exercise by walking at any time. Which walking exercise Or exercise of all types on a regular basis May contribute to weight control Reduces insulin levels (Insulin) and strengthens the immune system to function better. It can also positively improve the quality of life of patients during cancer treatment.

Research from the American Cancer Society found that exercise just walking. It may be able to help reduce the risk of developing various cancers such as breast cancer, colon cancer. Esophageal cancer Leukemia type, mylioid, liver cancer, etc. In addition, the Cancer Society of America also recommends that in walking and exercising to be effective. They should walk at least 2 hours a week to reduce the risk of death by 20% compared to those who do not exercise.

Walking exercise What are the health benefits?

In addition to walking exercise Will help reduce the risk of cancer and then It may also enhance benefits for our body in areas other than cancer prevention as follows.

– Increase the work of the immune system

In one study, it was tested on a group of 1,000 adults at the time of the influenza pandemic. In conclusion, it can be said that People who walk at moderate speed for 30-45 minutes a day have a 43% lower rate of illness and help you stay away from upper respiratory infections.

– Promote the work of the heart

Walking at least 30 minutes of exercise for at least five days a week can reduce your risk of developing coronary artery disease by 19% and potentially reduce your risk. If you have to add a period Or more walking distance

– Improve mental health

Walking at a speed for 30 minutes at least three days a week may improve your mental health. It may also help reduce anxiety, negative emotions, and some symptoms of depression. If you think that walking for 30 minutes is too long May be changed into a total of 3 walks for 10 minutes each time instead of

– Increase the strength of the leg muscles

To build strength in the leg muscles. You should convert your walking area from flat to hill or on a slightly sloping treadmill. In addition, other forms of exercise may be required, such as cycling. Running, jogging or cardio, etc., in order to strengthen your legs to have more physical exertion.

Walking exercise How should I prepare?

To be a light walking exercise But to prevent the initial injury before walking exercise You should be prepared. Or perform the following advice together

– Choose the right shoes By choosing shoes that are not too tight Flexible movement from the toe to the heel behind.

– There is a warm up To prepare the muscles 2-3 minutes before starting the walk, increase the level of walking from slow to fast. You should walk at a standard speed for at least 5 minutes, then gradually increase and walk at a speed for about 2 minutes, then go back to standard speed again with the same time.

– Break the walk into 3 intervals with a 10-15 minute interval to allow the body to adjust. And make you not feel too tired

Walking, exercise, you can make it a part of your daily activity. It could be walking up the stairs instead of using the elevator. Or walk to a nearby place Without the need to ride a bus Or private cars, etc. in order to enhance the performance of our bodies to be strong And more distant from disease

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