The advantages of smiling That help make life better in front of longevity

There used to be an ancient word that the Chinese said ‘Smile one time. Longing for another day ‘might sound incredible. But it is possible Because smiling has many advantages That helps us enjoy life And also has a longer life

Smile helps relieve stress.

Smiling and laughing will cause the endocrine glands to release Epinephrine Hormone, which makes the blood pumping system good. Dilated blood vessels Red blood supply to the brain has a lower temperature. Make you feel relaxed

A smile makes a face flushed.

If you smile or laugh for 1 minute, the well-pumped blood will brighten your face. Equivalent to aerobic dancing for about 30 minutes ever.

Smile lowers blood pressure.

When we smile, our body systems relax. Including the blood pressure system as well

Smiling makes old slow

Smiling reduces the secretion of the hormone cortisol, or the stress hormone. And smiling using only 17 muscles, while making that frown It takes up to 43 muscles to make the face look younger than it seems.

Smile reduces pain

When we smile, our body releases serotonin and endorphins. Make me feel calm Less painful When people are in a good mood, sick or get hurt Therefore recover faster than people who are always stressed

Smile increases success

Someone who always smiles is openly. And confident in yourself People therefore dare to go in and talk more Therefore getting more opportunities than those who don’t smile Which is often viewed as difficult to access

H. Jackson Brown Jr., author of PS I Love You, said that Mom always taught him good things, and one of them was:

‘Please smile at other people, son. Even though he is a stranger

Because it might be the first light of the day that he saw. ‘

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